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Making money online is easy…when you know how to SIMPLIFY the PASSIVE process...

But having to work for every dollar can be painful, especially when you can set up a Passive Payment Machine, that MAKES YOU CASH ON DEMAND!

I don’t know about you but I hate trading my precious time for money!

I started my passive income business so I could have MORE TIME on my hands and MORE MONEY in my pocket...

Otherwise I may as well just get a regular '9 to 5' day-job!

That’s NOT the goal here, right? We all want MORE TIME and MORE MONEY, would you agree?

Well I’ve managed to achieve that, and in just a few minutes you will have your hands on our EXCLUSIVE new training that shows you EXACTLY HOW I DO IT!

Dear buyer, Michel here!

I just got back from vacation, feeling fully refreshed and ready to help you build a REAL business online, that is 'Evergreen' and that will make you passive income on complete autopilot!

I will be revealing a REAL, UNKNOWN, UNTAPPED & LUCRATIVE money-making method, that will allow you to make money from tools everyone needs to build a business online!

But before I start, let me explain what made me see the REAL VALUE behind PASSIVE INCOME:

Back in the day, when I was a debt collector, I would have monthly objectives to achieve.

And to make it easier on myself, I would build what we called: A 'Post Dated Check' Bankroll.

So what I would do every chance I had, was to ask my debtors for 6-12 post-dated checks. Like that I knew EXACTLY how much my next 6-12 months started at.

So if I had $200,000 in post dated checks and my monthly quota was $300 000, I already had a comfy pillow, that allowed me to take it easy for the rest of the month BECAUSE I knew exactly how much my month was starting at.

So I applied this mindset to internet marketing and by this I mean, getting PASSIVE INCOME... it's exactly like POST-DATED CHECKS...

The more you have of them, the less you work, and the more you make money as time go by...

Leverage the power of the internet by working smart!

My team and I figured a way to set up ONLY 1 Passive Income Machine that pays you day-in, day-out, month-in, month-out, like clockwork.

This leaves us more time to do the things we really like doing in life, knowing that the money will continue flowing in our PayPal accounts regardless where I am or what I'm doing.

Passive Income ROCKS!

Especially when you can do this on autopilot. This type of leverage allows you to do what you want when you want, with the people you like being with, while knowing that payment notifications are pinging your phone each time a sale comes in!

Let Me Ask You a Question…Are you SICK & TIRED of Buying Product After Product…and STILL Not Making Money Online?

Well... In This Case, Pay Attention To The Following!

Let Me Ask You a Question…Are you SICK & TIRED of buying product after product, training after training…and STILL Making NOTHING Online?

Maybe you've been doing it the wrong way...

Have you ever considered just how time-saving it is to do the set-up only ONCE, and get paid OVER AND OVER, MONTH AFTER MONTH?

Once you know how to get passive income daily, you immediately begin to FREE UP your time, and your life begins to change for the better.

You get to work less and make more money at the same time...

That's the beauty of passive income after all, would you agree?

It gives you all the freedom you need and want. Time freedom as well as financial freedom.

And that is a very powerful combination if you ask me!

Just knowing that if you needed to take vacation you’d still get paid, now that's exciting.

How would YOU like a piece of that sweet pie?

Would having all that extra income make a difference in your life right now?

I bet even $500 passive income could help pay the bills, right? Month after month, after month, after month...

How about if you started there and slowly scaled it up to $500….$1,000….$2,000 and more?

But where do you begin? How do you set-up? How do you drive traffic?

Well my team and I didn’t wake up one morning with thousands of bucks in the bank, coming in on autopilot. We invested our time. Our money. Our resources.

We tested, tested and tested some more. And then tested some more, just to be sure it all works without a glitch. We even tried new concepts and new approaches to compare what works best. We spent a lot of money. And then spent some more.

We got frustrated. And we came close to giving up.

Then finally…

Everything fell into place...

We discovered the 1 SECRET to ENSURE we make profits from PASSIVE COMMISSIONS!

And I'm About to REVEAL Our Secret Formula, Right Here, Right Now…for a Limited Time, and for the First Time EVER!

How Would YOU Like to Make $100, $200 Or Even $500 Per Day, In Passive Income, just Like me, as Soon as Today?

As you probably realized by now, setting-up passive income machines is my jam as you saw in my income earnings earlier!

And if it wouldn't work, I wouldn't be doing it myself, but I am, because that's where the money is!

After all the testing, frustration and costly mistakes, I now know what works and what doesn’t.

I know what to do, and more importantly what not to do.

I learned how to SIMPLIFY the 'passive income' process to the point I don't even need a website to do this...

And now, I help my loyal buyers like you, reach your financial objectives, at your own pace.

I genuinely want to give back to the industry, share my knowledge and results, by helping as many people as possible, experience the same levels of success that I have.

This allows you to skip the costly mistakes a beginner can make and instead, jump-start your business much faster...

Exclusively and for the first time ever, we’ve recorded a set of 24 videos to show you step by step how you can copy over my shoulder and do the same...


Passive Commission Crusher

Like The Box Says...

Grab It. Pass It Around. Profit.

Inside You Get...

If you’ve always imagined yourself getting monthly passive commissions via PayPal or by check, from high profile companies, then I have some exciting news for you.

In a moment of pure delirium, I decided to put this 7-MODULE training together to show YOU how you can get results by literally copying us to the letter, and you will have a passive income machine ready for you to profit from!

  • Module 1: Overview of the Passive Commission Method
  • Module 2: How you will be making money honorably inside the Passive Commission Crusher training and the resources that pay you monthly passive commissions over and over, month after month
  • Module 3: How to give access to Passive Commission Crusher to your audience properly, to people who want to make money from the comfort of their own home just like you
  • Module 4: How To Setup the ONLY (1) passive commission campaign you need + use our free emails to make it copy/paste
  • Module 5: Checklist to be sure you didn’t skip any steps
  • Module 6: Monitoring your traffic flow efficiently
  • Module 7: Free and paid traffic methods
  • A total of 24 ‘step by step’ videos you can watch in your own time
  • It’s made specifically EASY for you to profit!

Plus You Get These Bonuses For Free...


As an added bonus, you get a complete set of 'Done For You' email swipes that will do the selling for you!

It will soft-sell and educate your subscribers how to set-up, step by step, on an 11 days timeframe, allowing them to take their time and do it slowly.

Real World Value: $47


As an added bonus, you get a complete rebrandable pdf, that you can use as your report. It will be teaching you AND your subscribers how make passive income super fast by using the Passive Commission Crusher hub (Your rebrandable PDF)!

It will soft-sell and educate your subscribers how to set-up, step by step...

It complements the promotional email swipes we provide you.

Real World Value: $67


As an added bonus, you get my personal checklist, to be sure you don't skip any steps.

This checklist is what will bring you from $0 to a life-changing income!

This checklist is presented in 2 formats to make it easy to follow: Video format and text format.

Real World Value: $27


As an added bonus, you get the giveaway rights.

By handing you the giveaway rights, you will be able to build passive income, let our system do the recruiting for you, without creating products or making websites.

I could have sold it separately as a '1 time offer', but I feel it will help you even more if I just give you the giveaway rights, without you having to spend an extra dime for it...

By grabbing 'Passive Commission Crusher' right now, you get the giveaway rights for free.

Real World Value: $197


As an added bonus, you get free access to our support & mastermind group. This group is fully managed by me, Michel Sirois, to be sure you get the best support possible.

The best person to guide you is the one who created it, would you agree?

This is why I will be the one answering your question, each time you have some!

Real World Value: $297

...And I Made Sure That It's Beginner-Friendly!


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Listen, You're About To Discover The SAME Nasty Dirty Secret That Only My Students Know, Revealed To You Today!

How would you like to setup JUST 1 passive income machine, with JUST 1 email list, NO WEBSITE and my secret method, that gets you passive income, month after month?

You can do this in your spare time and before you know it you’ll have passive income raining in your bank account every day, while you do other things with your precious time!

So your goal may be different to the next person... But whatever your goal is…you can achieve it by simply grabbing Passive Commission Crusher today!

You just need to follow our training and understand the math behind internet marketing, it's a simple equation...

The math is fairly simple: Automation System + Finds Like Minded People = Automated Profits

... And this is why I created the 'Passive Commission Crusher'...

It's does EXACTLY that!

  • It will show you AND your subscribers how to use my training and email swipes to get passive income on autopilot

Can You See Why We Love This So Much Now?

Now, of course, some may not stay the full year, so that could bring you to only $500, $1000 or $5000 a month.

But would you still be happy to make and extra $500-$5,000 in monthly passive commissions? Of course you would...

In fact, when you see your first results, you will be driven to do it more and more as the profits grow!

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See What Avid Users Have To Say About...

Passive Commission Crusher

If you like the idea of PASSIVE commissions from the efforts of others and make money every time one of YOUR referrals (and THEIR referrals) makes a sale, this is for you! Hands down the easiest system I've seen this year with the most profit potential for the least amount of work, if you can even call it that. - Billy Davis

Billy Davis
Billy Davis

CRUSHING IT IS THE RIGHT NAME FOR THIS! I've never found a TRUE Passive Commission Training until Michel showed me this. This is a COMPLETE training to: * Start Getting Passive Commissions Quickly * Learn the DEEP Secrets to maximum profits in Affiliate Marketing * Multiple Streams Of Passive REFERRAL Income * Michel's training CRUSHES it for you, I recommend it totally. Mick McKay

Mick McKay
Mick McKay

Michel has been my mentor for more than 2 years and I always learn new stuff, no matter the product he launches for us buyers... And everything he shows me, WORKS! And now, thanks to this brand-new method, I can now build residual income and by this I mean, I start each month 'with money in the bank'! If you can afford this low-cost/high profit training, I strongly recommend you take it. I promise you will love it! Thank-you Michel for your continuous support - Andy

Andy Kho
Andy Kho

With Passive Commission Crusher, I was able to build passive income, effortlessly. Seriously, I don't know many marketers who are as dedicated as he is when it comes to support. Normally, coaches hide behind emails or chats. But with Michel, you reach him directly on Facebook and he replies the same day, all the time. And he takes the time to make sure you get it! Koodos Michel on another amazing training!

Matija Balantic
Matija Balantic

Don't Let This Pass You By Now Because...

  • You want to get passive commissions for years to come, from known and trusted companies...
  • You want to get your hands on my 'NEVER REVEALED' PASSIVE METHOD that gets daily RESPONSIVE leads that buy...
  • You want an 'Evergreen' business model that is SUPER EASY to implement...
  • You want to profit by promoting real businesses, not scammy/spammy stuff...
  • You want to wake-up with money in your bank account every day...
  • You want to secure your time freedom and financial freedom...
  • You want to generate these passive commissions by working less than 30 minutes per day...

Then this is exactly for you...

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Looking forward to help you finally make money online, risk free!

See you on the inside,
Michel Sirois


We are 100% confident that you will find Passive Commission Crusher to be insane value. However, if for some bizarre reason you don't succeed, we have a full 30 day money back guarantee, and we will issue a 200% refund of your investment, as long as you can show us you did the tasks for 14 consecutive days, without getting results. So far, we didn't refund 1 single person, because it truly works.

So you have NOTHING TO LOSE, but ALL TO GAIN, by securing your copy right now!

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The special, discounted pricing will not be around forever…

If you wait and come back later, I can’t guarantee that you’ll still be able to get in for an investment this low as we are planning on raising the price really soon…

Not to mention, if you’re looking for a REAL, proven business model that works, this is it.

This method can allow you to scale your income to six figures and beyond, without spending a dime of your pocket to get clients and generate passive income…

One thing is for sure…

Every second you wait is time you could already be making money...

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Q: For who is this training for?

A: Anyone who can copy/paste, follow a few simple instructions and that wants to get passive income.

Q: What is the training about?

A: I will walk you through each step to set-up, so you can get monthly passive commissions, by giving you the ULTIMATE secrets that ONLY a few guys like me know.

Q: Will I need to create a website?

A: NO, not at all. You have nothing to create. You just need to copy what we do.

Q: Is this a big training?

A: No. Not at all. It's 7 modules, only 20-30 minutes of work per day. This is BY FAR the MOST LUCRATIVE training I created when it comes to making passive income, by setting-up only 1 time.

Q: Will I need to buy '1 time offers' for this to work?

A: Absolutely NOT! This training is ALL YOU NEED to SUCCEED with this UNKNOWN METHOD. The upgrades are optional if you want to make even more money by using our method.

Q: Do you guarantee profits?

A: We cannot guarantee profits. Our method works, but we do not know you as an individual and we do not know how committed you will be. But we can guarantee that if you follow our method, do your tasks for 14 days and hit us up in the support group when you need coaching or assistance, you will for sure make some money. How much you'll make is going to be mostly based on the time you spend on working on your business. It's a business, therefore you need to treat it like one…

Q: Is there a refund guarantee?

A1: Yes but only if you implemented the training. Once you get access to this unknown information, you need to be able to show us you tried it and have not succeeded. Chances of that happening is slim to none if you ask us to help you in the training area.

Instead, we know that it works so...

A2: We have a 200% refund guarantee set in motion for you. Conditions for refund eligibility: You must follow and implement our method for at least 14 consecutive days and get “1 on 1” training through our support when you need it. If for some really strange reason you don’t make money, we will issue a full 200% refund. The good news is that we didn’t have to issue any as of now because all our students who follow the method to the T and get "1 On 1" coaching in our training area, end up making money…

Q: Do you offer '1 on 1' assistance to ENSURE success?

A: TOTALLY. Michel Sirois will guide you when you have questions and work with you to get you through the next step, each time you need it. The fact that Michel is so hands-on with his buyers and students is what makes his coaching program successful…

Q: How do I get paid?

A: By PayPal or check.

Q: How do I get started?

A: By clicking the button below to get instant access...

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How Much Is It Worth To You To Wake Up To $500, $1000 Or Even $5000 In Passive Income Month After Month?

Seriously, have you even come across a training that teaches you a method where you can make money online and get passive income like that?

Don't Wait And Lock-In Your Massive Discount Right Now!

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Looking forward to help you finally make money online, risk free!

See you on the inside,
Michel Sirois

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