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Presented By

Michel Sirois
List Builder, Traffic Provider & Mentor


Fellow marketer,

Are you tired of struggling to get a decent e-mail open-rate or looking for easy methods to AVOID hitting the SPAM box?

Perhaps Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and others have been giving you a hard time to DELIVER your messages in PRIMARY Tabs and INBOXES?

Has Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and other e-mail account providers disabled you from doing your usual business by sending your e-mail messages directly in the SPAM folder of your subscribers?

And are you aware that the NEW LAWS ON PRIVACY DATA COLLECTION are now affecting email marketers WORLDWIDE?

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) seeks to create a harmonized data protection law framework across the EU and aims to give citizens back the control of their personal data, whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting and 'processing' this data, anywhere in the world.

The Regulation also introduces rules relating to the movement of personal data within and outside the EU.

And this IS AFFECTING email marketers WORLDWIDE, BIG TIME!!!

You may have started to feel it's repercussions already, like many marketers have by now...

And get ready, it's about to get worse...

Now if you’ve been around the marketing world for any length of time, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase that “the money is in the list.”

And that phrase is truer than ever…

But if your subscribers aren’t receiving your e-mails, YOUR TOTALLY SCREWED!!!

Is this KNOWN PROBLEM affecting your business?

Did you find solutions to prevent any future damage?

And for those who are more experienced, you probably even tried stuff like:

  • Changing your “From Domain”
  • Changing your “From E-mail” address
  • Changing your auto-responder account
  • Tried self-hosted solutions that are extremely expensive
  • And much more...


I know…

I was there too 3 years ago.

And recently it seems that the problem is coming back for many people, due to these changes that are about to happen...


In case you don't know this, TRAFFIC SELLERS and TOP AFFILIATE MARKETERS are people who have MASSIVE email lists, way bigger than average marketers or beginners...

They are ALWAYS the first to feel repercussions when changes are happening...

And these changes have already started happening...

These marketers are in "PANIC" mode right, running like chickens who got their heads cut off... because they already started hitting the SPAM box.

Now, traffic sellers are increasing their click prices and affiliate marketers are ANGRY for getting BANNED.

And it's only normal to feel this way...

But I'm sure you'll agree: Something BIG is about to happen in the email industry...

There's no denying it...










… And the problem is not your auto-responder company...

The problem is not your “From Domain” or “From e-mail” address either…

It's simply because email services like Gmail, Outlook... and autoresponder companies like Aweber, GetResponse...  HAVE NO CHOICE but to COMPLY...

And each year, autoresponder companies CLEAN HOUSE, re-enforcing new rules!

And you need to ADAPT too, just like everyone else...

If you don't, you know it can result in an autoresponder account BAN or you ending-up definitively in the SPAM box...

Also, let's not forget that companies like Gmail, Outlook, Aweber or GetResponse, possess "artificial intelligence" technology that can evaluate your subscribers browsing behaviors and determine if they are interested in the content you’re sending them...

And believe me when I say that: These companies HAVE ALREADY started making some changes to their algorithm...

So what can you do to get better open rates, avoid getting banned by your autoresponder company and increase your online sales?

How much money will you lose for trying stuff shady marketers are suggesting in Facebook groups or Forums, to make a quick buck off on your back?

After 3 years of improving my e-mail skills each day, I'm now coming back with MY LATEST STRATEGIES...

... And once more, with pretty SOLID & STABLE RESULTS as you can see below…

Take A Look At These Juicy Stats

Buyers Lists

  • Would you like to get results like that?
  • If you are not getting similar results right now, you need this...
  • Imagine for a second if your e-mail messages were actually making it to your subscribers “INBOX”…
  • Imagine how much money is passing right under your nose right now...
  • If you think about it, you know that you have to change your marketing method if you want to get better RESULTS…

And I know you get it…

The more people receive your e-mail messages in their INBOX, the more they OPEN and CLICK.

… And the more they OPEN and CLICK, the more they BUY stuff from you…

It’s the cycle of e-mail marketing…

The best part is…
My Method Is EVERGREEN!!!


What You Get In "Open Rate SOLVED 2.0"

  • I reveal the NEWEST Methods I use daily to guarantee an INCREASE in your INBOXING through Gmail, Outlook (And others)
  • You'll see exactly what I do to NEVER get BANNED from autoresponder companies and how to react if one day it happens
  • 100% EVERGREEN Method
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • And Much More

Let's Break-Down Everything We Cover...

To Make It Super Easy, We Split The Training In 2 Parts...



  • Email marketers, affiliate marketer And MLMers most common mistakes that lead them into the SPAM box & get BANNED
  • Traffic sellers most common mistakes that lead them into the SPAM box & get BANNED
  • How to over-Come each of these issues, 1 by 1, for: Traffic sellers, affiliate marketers, MLMers



If You've Not Had Success Online Yet Or If You Want To Increase Your Email Results, We Got You Covered...


  • Basic tools required for this method to work + links to try for free
  • Phase #1 Creating your "MAIN E-Mail List"
  • Phase #2 Loading Our 30 INCLUDED "Engagement" Email Swipes At The Push Of A Button To Get Your Subscribers To "Whitelist" You Right From The "Get Go"
  • Phase #3 How To FILTER Your "OPENERS" From Your "NO OPENERS" & DELETE Your "UNRESPONSIVE" Subscribers, On Complete AUTOPILOT. This Right Here, Is What Will Separate You From Regular Email Marketers And INCREASE your DELIVERABILITY, 100% GUARANTEED...
  • Phase #4 It's a SECRET 🙂
  • Phase #5 Loading 20 More INCLUDED Swipes On... It's a SECRET 🙂
  • Phase #6 It's a SECRET 🙂
  • Phase #7 Creating Your Opt-In Form
  • Phase #8 Creating A Lead Capturing Page That Converts On Any Offer
  • Phase #9 Tracking Traffic, Opt-Ins And Sales + 2 No-Fail Traffic Sources
  • Phase #10 Getting A Superior "Response Rate" By Getting Your Audience To Engage With You
  • Phase #11 MONEY-MAKER: Rake-In More Profits With This Specific Method
  • Phase #12 MONEY-MAKER: How To 2X,5X,10X Your Profits, WITH THE SAME SUBSCRIBERS!!!
  • Phase #13 MONEY-MAKER: Build "BUYERS" LISTS, without creating products at all
  • Phase #14 How to keep your lists "Lean & Mean" to have the most ACCURATE STATISTICS in your autoresponder
  • Phase #15 Recap, growth & scaling-up

As You Can Surely Realize By Now, "Open Rate Solved 2.0" Is A Complete "Step-By-Step" Training That Is Easy To Replicate, Especially If You Are Using Our INCLUDED "Done For You" Email Swipes.

These Email Swipes Will Allow You To Build Report & Get More Engagement With Your Subscribers, Increase Your "Open & Click-Through" Rate, And Help You... Stay Out Of The SPAM Box...

By Doing That, You Will Be Generating More Sales, You Know It...

And It's 100% Done For You!

So How Much Is INBOXING Worth To You?

For a very limited time, you can get access to
“Open Rate Solved 2.0” For Just...

WARNING: The price is going up to $17 once we hit 500 sales.

This is a big training and it's worth every penny.

Lock-in your discount now or pay a lot more later...

But Don't Take Our Word For it...

See What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say
About Our "Open Rate SOLVED 2.0"

Wow!! I am really impressed with Michel's guide. To be honest I have been in the list building niche for 5 years and I've never thought of the methods that he teaches. I've tried out one his method and boom!!! The open rate exploded!! My open & click rate has increased. I can't wait to use the other 4 methods that he has in his ebook and fully exploit the profit from my email lists. Once again, big thumbs up and a big thank you Michel for this priceless guide. It has really helped me a lot!

Jaason Lee
Jaason Lee Solo Ads TOP Seller

I have been doing e-mail marketing for a couple of years and thought that surely there was nothing new I could learn – my friends had already taught me everything. I was wrong! This was all BRAND NEW to me. The information was well laid out and very clear. It was a detailed step by step guide you could follow. Without going too much into detail, the eBook has 5 methods and just when you think it’s over, it has a BONUS offer that is just AS GOOD. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how much testing it took to discover these golden nuggets.

Tariq Salim
Tariq Salim Respected List Builder & CPA Marketer

Thanks Michel for writing this ebook and sharing these secrets. As an experienced email marketer, I was wondering when I would get something that would help me get results.To my surprise, 2 of your methods are totally new to me and I am sure that many people will feel the same by getting their own copy. I am very sure that when I implement the 3 other methods stated in this awesome report, I'll get even better results. Thanks for all the help and support you provide. - Vikash.

Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar WordPress Specialist & Respected Traffic Provider

Great product. When I buy information, I hope to get just one nugget out of it that will cover the cost.In this case, I have to say, the contents of this PDF are priceless! If you are list building, you are losing your reach to your subscribers at the inbox. Gmail is most likely blocking your emails and sending them to the promotions tab. Michel gives us several brilliant techniques to get past this loss of delivery in Gmail. Also I want to mention that everything in his product is illustrated for us to understand fully how to implement his methods without breaking a sweat. Well done Michel!

Timothy Reeves
Timothy Reeves Respected List Builder & Internet Marketing Coach

How Much Is INBOXING Worth To You?

For a very limited time, you can get access to
“Open Rate Solved 2.0” For Just...

WARNING: The price is going up to $17 once we hit 500 sales.

This is a big training and it's worth every penny.

Lock-in your discount now or pay a lot more later...

But That's Not All...

"Open Rate SOLVED 2.0" Comes With
This Known High Quality BONUS


You get The Methods That Led Me To Start Getting A Better Open & Click-Through Rate As Early As 2015, And This Still Works To This Day...



Plus, You Can Join Our



We believe that team growth allows a much faster progression when everyone picks our brains to get REAL answers, from ADVANCED email marketers, with advice that gives INSTANT RESULTS...

This private group is a golden resource in itself... and we don't charge a penny for you to get in when you get "Open Rate Solved 2.0"!


Right Now You Get Open Rate Solved (1.0 AND 2.0) + Free Access To Our Private Mastermind Group


WARNING: The price is going up to $17 once we hit 500 sales.

This is a big training and it's worth every penny.

Lock-in your discount now or pay a lot more later...

Is The Content Different From The 1.0 To 2.0 Edition?

Of course it is 100% different…

This 2.0 training are new methods that TOTALLY DIFFER the first edition, although it brings even better and faster results.

As an email marketer by trade, it's kinda easy for me to always stay afloat on the best & most recent methods that gets me higher & higher OPEN & CLICK-THROUGH rates!

But times change and methods evolve as time goes by...

And this is why I can now share my most recent techniques, that allow you to get "higher than average" results, just like I do!

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course there is…

Because we know our methods ROCK, we are offering a 30 Days refund guarantee…

But there’s a tiny condition…

If you show us that you have implemented the suggested methods in "Open Rate SOLVED 2.0" and that you did not get an increase in your INBOXING after sending fresh traffic to your list, we will refund you every penny.

If you’re not a “freebie” seeker and you truly want to implement my methods, this will not be a problem for you.

Need More Convincing? No Problemo!

One of the big things I am realizing lately is that with all the bells and whistles out there, with all the different ways you can get traffic, get subscribers, and get people to your website, there are even more people than ever "banging their head against the wall" trying to inbox their list. What is it worth to get all these emails if you can't inbox! At this time we need all the help we can get our emails to destination. Michel offers multiple strategies to help you do that. Quite frankly, some of these strategies, I never heard of before or seen anyone doing it. They are worth their price in gold. The game as changed and long gone are the old ways of emailing. Get smarter with a new strategy all layed-out for you in an easy to follow steps to get you back to the inbox. Awesome man! - Gordon Snyder

Gordon Snyder
Gordon Snyder Respected List Builder And Solo Ads Seller

I have recently seen my open rate drop from 15-20% to around 1-3%, which have make it quite difficult to make money. I discovered Michel Sirois great Open Rate Solved 2.0 video training & e-book that have helped me a lot getting back on track!
Now I have even higher open-rates and the click rate have also gone up a lot. If you are in the “make money online business” then the Open Rate Solved 2.0 is a must-get! You will lose funds each day if you do not! - Thanks Michel. Brian Thompson

Brian Tomson
Brian Tomson Respected Affiliate Marketer

I usually don't leave reviews. But I got to say Michel you really did something special here. Not only Did your Method Manage to Massively Increase my Open Rates. But the responsiveness and Engagement of my list is Literally of the chart! Especially when I implemented Method 1 Combined with Method 3!!! I've bought a lot of real expensive Products to improve my e-mail marketing. However none of them compare to what your product has to deliver. With that being said, the value of this product exceeds its price by a hundred times! I will definitively recommend this to anyone who needs to step-up their E-mail Marketing Game. This is literally the most satisfied I've been in 6 months about any digital information product. Thank you for bringing this value to the market place. Kind Regards, Rahim

Rahim Farhouni
Rahim Farhouni Respected Affiliate Marketer & Internet Marketing Coach

Michel is really a go to guy for me when I face any issue in my business, he has solutions for me everytime. Recently My business was getting a lower open rate because my e-mail messages were going to Gmail Spam. I was really looking for a solution to get it back up because I was losing money every day that passed. I had no other option but to contact Michel. I would not have thought of these methods on my own. Since I started using his inboxing methods, I'm getting amazing results and I'm back in the game. Thanks for that! - Sonu

Sonu Bhaskaran
Sonu Bhaskaran Respected "Click Banker" And Affiliate Marketer


1. Are Your methods for anyone?

Yes, our methods are as good for beginners, intermediate and pros who are not IN-BOXING as much as they would want. - Our methods can be applied to any business that is collecting leads, no matter the niche.

2. Michel, how do you know it will work for me?

Because my method is EVERGREEN and we are not cutting corners.

The method we reveal in this training is entirely 100% safe and 100% easy to implement.

3. Do you offer a refund guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you prove to us that you have implemented at least one of the methods without success.

4. Why is your refund guarantee set-up this way?

Payment processors don’t like refunds.

So to protect my account with Warrior+Plus and PayPal from “chronic refunders” and credit card frauds, I decided to be strict on my refund policy.

5. Are there “One Time Offers”?

There are 2 “One Time Offers”.

But you don’t need them to start inboxing like a champ.

6. How long will it take for me to see results?

As soon as you implement my method.

It will work through your EXISTING list and also when you send fresh traffic to your list, you will see results INSTANTLY… if your e-mail follow-ups are good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any control on what you send your audience.

7. Do you offer support?

Of course I do...

In the training, I give my Facebook contact infos and you can get in our PRIVATE mastermind group to ask questions you think would help others.

I like 1 on 1 contact. It’s easier to explain stuff…

If you have questions, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

But Time Is Of The Essence...


It’s not every day I layout my SECRETS to the general public.

Usually, this is the type of content I keep for my high paying students…

But because I know that many of you are not INBOXING like you want, I decided to help anyone who needs it by releasing “Open Rate SOLVED 2.0”.

So get “Open Rate SOLVED 2.0” now and start seeing INSTANT RESULTS!

HURRY - This Offer Expires Soon!!!

WARNING: The price is going up to $17 once we hit 500 sales.

This is a big training and it's worth every penny.

Lock-in your discount now or pay a lot more later...

The materials provided on are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.

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