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If you're NOT making money right now,

Read This...

  • You’re new to the internet business and are confused on where to start...
  • You spent money and countless hours to just make a few bucks...
  • Perhaps you are just missing that 1 thing that makes a difference...
  • You want a convering funnel...
  • You want to sell products that convert from your list...
  • You want to sell funnel clicks from your e-mail list...
  • You want to sell Solo Ads from your e-mail list...
  • You want your network and funnels to be set-up the right way!
  • You want to have a professional set you up the right way, at a "Dirt-Cheap" price...
  • You want to get INSTANT results...
What Ever Your Reasons Are,
Everything Changes Now!

I remember back in my early internet marketind days, when Facebook, Google and Youtbe didn't exist... how many sleepless nights I spent in front of my 3 foot wide computer screen, desperatly trying to find ways to "Crack The Money Making Code"...

I can't explain in words, the head aches I had through the process of building my business as everything was so new to everyone! Back then, people had problems loging-in their e-mail accounts...

Today, the problem is the opposite... My grand-ma can log into her e-mail account and Tweet Brad Pitt, there are plenty of crappy "shiny objects" that don't work and "Self Proclaimed" coaches that have no clue of what they are doing!

The good good news is that there are good people out-there, willing to help you, that have shown over and over again that they can lead you to success!

Bottom line, what ever the problem or challenge you might be facing right now, can be resolved starting today!

Let Me Take You By The Hand!

No matter the career or job you are into right now, the right business model and training is what makes you become good at what you do, I'm sure you agree!

If you think about it, you'd get a training to "flip burbers" at McDonald's...

Can you imagine now how much you need training when it comes to something as technical as Internet Marketing?

Aside from the funnel, wich is the "Heart" of your business...

An Internet Marker needs to be good at:

  • Communicating
  • Understanding simple instructions
  • Replicating simple instructions
  • Using specific programs
  • Tweak
  • Monitor
  • Split-test
  • Convert
  • And much more...

Let's be realistic here... No one is able to learn all of that through e-books or video coaching series... simply because THEORY and PRACTICE are totally DIFFERENT!

Like any other job, Internet Marketing requires training and that's REALITY!

The Average Internet Marketer
Spends More than $1000 Per Year
On Useless Products

What you might not know now is that... over a period of 1 year, Internet Marketers spend on average more than $1000 on useless books, crappy software that don't work and the result is that they stay stuck, not progressing and barely making money!

Wouldn't you rather get INSTANT results, have someone assist you every step of the way to help you progresss and scale your business to MAXIMIZE your R.O.I. (Return of investments)?

So What's The Alternative?

"Done For You" Services
With Michel Sirois

Through my "Done For You" & coaching service...

- I take you by the hand...
- Set you up from top to bottom...
- I coach you on how to keep the business going...
- And assist you in your progression.

It's my mandate to make you successful, brand you as a leader to get recognized as a "Top Earner" of your niche!

But before We Get Into It, Let Me Ask You This...

Who Makes 100% Profits
*** EACH TIME Traffic Is Purchased?

The Traffic Buyer Or The Traffic Seller?

YES! The Money Is In The List But...

You're Finally Realizing Now That...

It's a fact that those who buy solo ads WITHOUT selling Solo Ads of their own, DON'T make much money, if any at all...

Selling traffic from your e-mail list can only...


With traffic you ALREADY have!

No Brainer, Right?

Solo Ad Sellers sell their clicks anywhere from $0.35-$0.75 PER UNIQUE CLICK.

It's not Un-Common that Solo Ad Sellers Make Up To $900 Per Day!

... And I'm being conservative here!

But what if I showed you a way where you can build your powerfull e-mail list that allows you to make affiliate commissions, drive free traffic and sell traffic from your own e-mail list?



Don't be that person who invests money in traffic without knowing in advance if you'll MAXIMIZE all the MONETIZATION possibilities of your funnel to CONVERT!

My "Done For You" Service...



We will prepare a beautifull "free Report" for you to giveaway in exchange of people's e-mail addresses. Like that, you'll ATTRACT subscribers like honey, to your e-mail list!

Once people opt-in your list, that's when AUTOMATION kicks-In!


You funnel is the "HEART" of your business...

Before buying traffic, it's always a good thing to be 1000% sure that your funnel is set-up to CONVERT!

A "High Converting" funnel will make the difference between MAKING and NOT MAKING money online!

Through my "Done-For-You" Service, I personally make sure that your funnel is 100% functional before handing it to you!

With 17 years of online experience behind me, you definitively know that I will be doing a great job for you!

Our CUSTOM-MADE funnels include the following:

  • 1 Squeeze Page
  • 1 "Exit" page
  • 1 "OTO/Thank-You" Page
  • 1 "BONUS" Page
  • 1 "Download" Page
  • 1 Solo Seller Page
  • 1 Solo Seller Discount Lead Capture Set-Up
  • 1 Earning Disclaimer Page
  • 1 Privacy Policy Page
  • 1 Contact Us Page


Auto-Responders are what will allow you to make money while you sleep!

But one thing is for sure, you can have the best auto-responder in the world but if your e-mail messages don't convert, you will have a hard time making money.

I've decided to include e-mail swipes in my "done-For-You" service, to make sure you start the right way!

  • I will set-up your auto-responder from top-to-bottom for you.
  • I will add 21 Follow-Up Swipes that will allow you to grow your list and pull profits at the same time.


ROTATORS is what allows you to SAVE TIME on handling your links and REDIRECT traffic!

Needless to tell you that this is a "MONEY-MAKER" in itself!

... But it can be tricky to set-up CORRECTLY, because there's 100's of ways to use them!

  • To make sure that everything runs smooth for you, I will personally create your rotators and link tracking for your WHOLE funnel!

5) This Service Comes With 1 On 1 Training

Through Skype Screen Sharing!


That's right! I'll be coaching you "1 On 1", through SKYPE CONFERENCING until you are able to run things on your own!
  • I will show you how I built your funnel.
  • I will teach you how to use your auto-responders.
  • I will teach you what to BROADCAST to your e-mail list.
  • I will teach you how to sell Solo Ads from your e-mail lists.
  • I will teach you how to sell Funnel Clicks from your e-mail list.
  • I will teach you how to work with your rotators.
  • I will teach you ways to get free leads.
  • I will teach you how to find ONLY reliable traffic sources.

See Me Train My Student James Ong On How To Make Pre-Sell Page Promotions To Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales


As You Can See, Just This Little Trick I'm Giving You For Free Today Can DRASTICALLY INCREASE Your Sales...

Imagine Working With Me Side By Side On A Daily Base, Monitoring Your Every Move To ENSURE Your Success...


See Why My Students
Love My Coaching Services...

Clifford Tan
List Builder & Traffic Seller

Duncan Flynn
Product Creator & List Builder

Fredrick Beers
List Builder & Traffic Seller

Tony Sharma
List Builder & Traffic Seller

I have been trying to make money on the internet since the start of 2014 with no luck at all. I even tried to find coaches but all they did was take my money and not provide me with any real value and there response rate was ridiculously slow. But the truth is they wanted to hide the REAL way of how to be successful online.

I wasn't getting anywhere until I met Michel Sirois and purchased his coaching + "Done For You Service". Well what can I say, this has been the best thing I have done ever!! Michel is such a nice guy and he is always willing to help. Trust me I have had other coaches in the past and just having someone there when you need them can make a huge difference in how your progress.

I have been able to progress at a fast rate and it is an amazing feeling! I can't thank Michel enough for his hard work and support he's given me. It's really hard to find genuine people out there but Michel is definetely one of them. Thanks again Michel you rock buddy!

Emma Scott
List Builder & Solo Ad Seller

I have spent hours and wasted so much money trying to learn the secret to making money online… only to learn that the secret is to get online and purchase the "Done-For-You & Coaching service" from Michel. 

From the moment I made the decision to buy this training, Michel held my hand and walked me through the process with ease.  Not only did he build my website, but he made it exactly how I wanted it without me even knowing it, every detail was immaculate and tasteful.

Michel is only ever a click away for any questions or support I may require and the after service is unbelievable.  This guy has without a doubt gone above and beyond any of my expectations. 

Im so glad I took a leap of faith and found Michel, he is an outstanding gentleman who knows his job and has over delivered in every step of the process.  

As a man at the top of his game who genuinely wants to pay it forward and help other people to make money online he has managed to strip the content down to the fundamentals that even a NEWBIE like me can comprehend. 

This is a top notch service and I thank you for restoring my faith in the online world. - Emma Scott

Vali Subramanian
List Builder & Solo Ad Seller

I had the pleasure of taking Michel's coaching & "Done For You" Service... and I have to say that this is the best decision I've made in a long time!

This is not the typical stuff we read in e-books or video trainings. Michel's strategy is truly is effective and easy to implement.

Michel created the web pages, he made and placed my ROTATORS in strategical areas of my funnel, he even (created, linked and loaded) my e-mail swipes in my auto-responder...

Michel took care of everything! All I needed to do from there was to replicate what he taught me during the 1 On 1 Coaching on Skype to keep growing my list.

I started driving traffic through my funnel and it's now expoding! His technique on generating traffic is out of this world!

Anyone who wants to make money online should take Michel's offer to start your business for you!

Thanks for everything. - Vali Subramanian

Samuel Cheong
List Builder & Solo Ad Seller

Struggling to make money online for quite sometime and joined a Biz Ops spend lots of money and can't really see where I am going, until I met Michel.

I bought his "Done for you" service and what I can say is, it is really more than worth it!

Michel is a genuine and candid person that teaches you with all his experience and proven methods to make money online and make sure you understand one thing before proceeding to the next, unlike other "coaches" that rushes though the trainings just to get things done.

He is Always there to answer my questions and pointing me to the right direction.

If you are looking for coaching or want to make money online, Michel is the person you should go to and most importantly I believe if you are new to the Internet Marketing World, you need a someone you can TRUST,and show you the ropes. Cheers Michel!! - Samuel Cheong

JP Provencher
List Builder & PLR's

What can I Say about Michel and his services? Well, first, “Done for you” is really an understatement.

Whenever you deal with Michel, you can rest assured that you will not only receive an exceptional product but also access to all his support and expertise.

Michel is not just here to make a quick buck, he is very passionate about what he does and it clearly shows through his work and commitment.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Michel and am so glad I found him and decided to take him up on his offer.

I have seen people charging the same or even more to simply build a lame product with a couple of banners and a sales page. What a ripoff when you get the whole enchilada with Michel!

So 2 thumbs up for Michel and his services, I should probably keep my mouth shut and keep this secret to myself but this feedback is hard earned and well deserved! - JP Provencher

Mike Petrea
List Builder & Binary Marketing

Really where do I start... 6 years of wasting money, ranking websites and all the other crap the GURU's wanted you to know from info products, I was about to give up on making money online...

Until I came across Michel Sirois, Done-For-You Service, this is the absolute Best Biz in a box I ever purchased...

I mean every detail from building a list and how to profit from that list and most importantly social branding! I always wondered how people made money with Click Bank, ClickSure etc... IT"S ALL IN THIS DONE-FOR-YOU Service.

This product is your new full time NEWBIE FRIENDLY income solution! Michel Sirois, thank you for being here every step of the way! Your customer service is 110%.

Most importantly, you'll get a kick out of this... My Original Capture Page that was created for my business without any modifying, it is converting at a rate of OVER 40% & I've seen days it's converting at 47%...

Stop wasting years to start earning money, Our phrase here at the office is Take Action! - Mike Petrea

David Taylor
List Builder & Blogger

But That's Not All...


More than 1100 PLR/MRR Products to your disposition!

We keep adding FRESH products constantly to make sure you offer accurate and up-to-date products to your audience!

The fun part of using my "Done-For-You" service is that you'll have FREE ACCESS for LIFE to my PLR Products Site!

You save $14.95/Month, For LIFE!

  • Useful To SAVE TIME on product creation.
  • Useful For Products To Giveaway.
  • Useful For Products To sell.
  • Useful To build a "Brand" Easily.
  • Useful To Build "Authority".
  • Useful To Build "Buyers Lists" (Very Important)
  • Useful To "nurture" your e-mail list. (Very important)
But That's Not All...




--> Sad to say but, a lot of coaches out-there don't give a SH!T about you once they took your money BECAUSE THEY GO BY "CLIENT VOLUME"!

They know that out of 100 people, 10 of them will succeed by using their method!



There's No Doubt About It...
This Is A Complete Service!

My "Done For You" Service will give you that extra EDGE you need to start making serious money online!

I've been helping people like you from all around the world since 1997.

If you feel you have the desire and the "Drive" to make an internet marketing career through a scalable and proven business model that will allow you to build your brand, gain an audience of returning customers and build long-term relationships, then my "Done For You" Service & coaching is for you!

You want additional information
About my “Done-For-You” Services"?
If you want me to help you make $10,000 per month or more in this industry then PM me....

...but only if you are serious!

My "Done For You" services & Coaching are not cheap but are effective as you noticed through the testimonials and the social proof I have all over the web.

My customers are happy with my services and I want you to be happy too!

Rest assured, I don't like to waste my time or yours for that matter... If I think you're not a good fit, I will not take you on board! You need to have the right "mindset".

But if you think you have the right "mindset" to do this now, PM me ASAP and let's talk a bit!

YES Michel, I Want You To Build My Funnel And Coach Me!

If you want that I am well prepared for our consultation...

STEP #1: Simply fill-out the consultation form

STEP #2: I will evaluate what business model is best suited for you.

STEP #3: We will set a consultation date and speak on Skype about a solid money-making strategy you can easily implement!

Talk Soon,
Michel Sirois
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