About Michel Sirois

Internet Marketing Product Creator, Sales Copy Writer, List Builder, Promoter, Coach & Mentor

Michel started-out his professional career as a debt collector.

After many years of going to work with his tail between his legs, he finally decided to take the bull by the horns and learn how to build an online business.

For the last few years, he has learned how to master sales copy writing, email marketing, product creation and coaching.

It eventually led him to have so much traffic that he had to start selling it to other marketers who needed leads.

And since then, he became a world renounded trusted traffic seller that people look-up to for many years now.

In addition to providing some of the highest-quality traffic online, Michel has focused on a number of online niches to diversify his business.

Throughout the process, he has become an award winner on Warrior Plus, on 3 occasions since 2015 and has become an authority figure on Warrior Plus, JV Zoo and many other places spread-out throughout the web...

Here are his most popular "info products":

Open Rate Solved 2.0  - Award Winning Product On Warrior Plus

Refund Request Crusher

NLP Sales Generator

Scalable PLR Products

Open Rate Solved - Award Winning Product On Warrior Plus

Easy Funnel Profits - Award Winning Product On Warrior Plus

Scalable Profits Revolution - Award Winning Product On Warrior Plus

Through his online endeavors, Michel has become financially independent, and he’s truly living the “Internet Lifestyle.”

Due to his immense knowledge when it comes to building online businesses and making money online, he also works with many private students to help them build successful online businesses.

The problem is, like all of us, Michel only has so many hours in the day, which limits the amount of private students he can take on each year.

But when Michel noticed the problem, he then decided to develop his own "Work From Home" coaching programs, to help even more people finally realize "online freedom"...

His Coaching Programs:

His Viral Traffic Plugins: (Training Included In All Of Them)

His "Done For You" Services:

Your Own Solo Ads Business

Your Own High Converting Website (Sales Funnel)

Unlike many other programs that promise the world and leave their students with lackluster results, Michel's programs & "Done For You" services deliver the “goods” and gives some of the most comprehensive, step-by-step training online.

If you took a look inside the links above, you realized by now that Michel has built a lot of social proof over the years, that makes him a trustworthy mentor to look-up to when it comes to making money online.

If you’re looking for a mentor that will take you by the hand to help you achieve your income goals and live your dreams, click the yellow button below for a free consultation.

Like that, we can evaluate what program would best suite your needs and get you started.

His "Like-Minded" Community:

NEW - Project X: Solo-Preneur Community

NEW - Project X: Retired-Preneurs Community

NEW - Project X: Mom-Preneurs Community

What Is The Project X Entrepreneurs Community?

The 'Project X’ coaching program is a community of like-minded people looking to thrive financially, through our online marketing platform, by getting what we all want and deserve...

And by this I mean we all want more money, have more time for ourselves and be surrounded by our loved ones!

By joining the 'Project X Entrepreneurs' program, we will set-up an online business for you, where the sales process is fully automated, allowing you to scale it up at your own pace, in your own time, through the power of simple online advertising.

  • You will not need a website or create any web content, we do that part for you
  • All you will need to do is go though our mini-course and follow the tiny little steps so you can get visitors to your the website we make for you and that's it
  • Everything is done for you, even your 'Google/Bing/Facebook' ads campaigns set-up
  • You have the rest of the day to do whatever you want
  • You have more money in your pocket
  • You are part of a like-minded community where you have a sense of belonging
  • You feel secure and confident
  • You get up in the morning excited
  • It makes you happier and more energized
  • People who are happy and fulfilled live longer and get to do the things they love
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